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The Ultimate Medicine

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For over 20 years at The Hempest, we have educated the consumer about the countless benefits of Hemp with regards to the environment, and health.  It seems almost impossible that such a beneficial plant could be so stigmatized by society, when it's benefits are so obvious. However, a closer look reveals that it is  Hemp's incredible versatility as a fiber, food, fuel, and medicine that has actually kept it illegal.  The modern medicinal marijuana movement has suddenly thrust the amazing potential of Hemp as a medicine into a spectrum that we have not yet seen.  Modern extraction techniques have isolated cannabidiol, (commonly known as CBD), a non-psychoactive compound within the Cannabis plant, as a powerful, if not miraculous medical elixir that combats some of today's most common health ailments.  These isolated CBD tinctures have only been available for a few years, and have emerged as a wonder treatment for such ailments as epilepsy, parkinsons, MS, dementia, IBS, PTSD, sleeplessness, anxiety, arthritis, psoriasis, inflammation, pain, and more.  It has helped countless people reduce their dependence on opiate prescriptions, with virtually zero toxicity and zero side affects.   We tried to sell CBD products on our website, and were immediately shut down by our credit card processor within 24 hours.  Amazed, we researched numerous processing possibilities, only to learn that every processor in the US had banned the sale of  CBD products and would shut down any site that sold them.  The only options available are off-shore processors that charge excessive fees, require obscene security deposits and are far less secure and reliable. I have used CBD numerous times and can tell you there are absolutely zero psychoactive effects. You can drive a car, operate machinery, or do any task that you need to do.  It is impossible to overdose on CBD. It leaves absolutely zero ill effects on the user.  No hangovers, no cloudiness, no soreness, no side effects of any kind.  Yet, study after study are showing that patients report incredibly reduced pain, and reduced inflammation, seizures stop almost instantly in epileptic patients, tremors are halted in parkinsons patients.  Cancer patients report reduced pain, and reduced dependence on debilitating medications, along with appetite stimulation.  After all this evidence, one would think CBD would be on a fast track to becoming one of the most popular medicines in the world, but instead it is on the verge of being made illegal by government agencies like the DEA and FDA, basically puppets of the pharmaceutical industry trying to shut down what would likely eliminate 25-50% of their entire market.  I was inspired to write this blog after stumbling upon the following story on USA today about the possibility of Cannabis being a "miracle drug" to combat autism. (link below).  It was the front page main story for about 20 minutes, and I was amazed to find it in a news source so obviously dependent on revenue from pharmaceutical advertising.  I emailed the story to a friend, which is the only reason I still have the link, as it disappeared from the site almost instantly and was not even on the front page anymore. 


Spread the word.  We cannot continue to let millions of people suffer from ailments that can be alleviated or cured by a plant.  This madness has to stop.

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