Hoodlamb Hemp Tailors

Posted by Mitch Rosenfield on 4th Nov 2016

   The Hempest is proud to showcase one our best selling brands of Hemp Jackets and accessories from Hoodlamb Tailors. We started our partnership with Hoodlamb back in 2003 and were an integral part of bringing this amazing, eco-friendly, cannabis conscious brand to the US. It started with a dozen or so jackets to our Boston store on Newbury St, and it continued to grow to hundreds of jackets each year as demand continued to swell in in cult like fashion in Boston and then all over the US and Canada through our online store. 

  We continue to be one of the brand's largest retailers in the US, as well as a wholesale agent for the East Coast, bringing their jackets to dozens of stores throughout the country. Designed in Amsterdam and produced in a beautiful state of the art factory in China, Hoodlamb continually pushes the envelope in clothing production to create garments with incredible attention to detail. Their philosophy is the same as our own, and stems from a deep respect of the Hemp plant and all it incredible uses. We admire their open attitude which details production of their wares from seed to sale, showing fields, farmers, factories, and workers all dedicated to a finished product you can feel great about buying. They continually source superior fabrics, and construct Hemp products with unparalleled attention to function and design. 

   Hoodlamb continually evolves and improve each season, adding detail after detail covering every inch of their winter-worthy garments. They have developed their own vegan hemp based fur for added warmth, and their own organic hemp based cellulose waterproofing to make sure you sacrifice nothing in your quest for eco-concious outerwear. They have also teamed up to develop product for the crew of the Sea Shepherd, while they battle illegal whaling in the Antarctic Sea, and a portion of the proceeds from all Sea Shepherd gear goes directly to support the organization.  

Please enjoy this link showing the making of a jacket "from hemp to Hoodlamb". We salute you and our 13 year partnership and look forward to all the great products in the future!

The Hempest

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