The Cannabis Election

The Cannabis Election

Posted by Jon Napoli on 20th Oct 2016

On November 8 five states will vote to end the prohibition of cannabis use for adults and four more will vote on allowing medical use of cannabis for patients. After a majority of these pass, how will the federal prohibition be able to stand with so many states in open defiance of it?

After November 8th many are hoping Obama will finally make a change to federal policy, which would certainly help with his legacy. However many others lost hope in this administration after the DEA refused to reschedule cannabis this summer.

The winning candidate is likely to claim the throne as the least popular person to ever become president. George W. Bush had a similar problem after the of 2000 "election", but found increased approval ratings stemming from his handling of 9/11. If the Incumbent is smart s/he will ask Obama to hold off on making a change and do it on his/her own. It might not work as well as 9/11 but it will certainly help.

Moving cannabis into schedule 2 from schedule 1 will be well received, but it won't end prohibition. For example, cocaine is a schedule 2 drug and is still illegal to possess and distribute. Rescheduling cannabis, however, allow for research and medical use which should help existing dispensaries but will also open the door up for big Pharma. Big Pharma, with their influence over our government, would rather medicalize than legalize so they can profitize. 

This is why cannabis must be de-scheduled and removed from controlled substances list. Vote for adult use in your state and stand up for your freedom. Our corporate police state only wants you to be free enough to buy their products. Click here for a comprehensive list of 2016 Cannabis ballot initiatives. 

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