Who Are The Heroes?

Posted by Jon Napoli on 25th Sep 2016

Who is going to save this planet? You are. But we can’t save the planet while continuing to consume the way we consume. It’s the people and companies that break free from fossil fuels, from petroleum based plastics, from petro-chemicals and from a non-sustainable lifestyle in general who will be the heroes that will lead us towards a new green economy. According to the latest studies, we have 17 years to completely transition from a petroleum based economy to a solar, technological and plant based economy. Anything a hydrocarbon can do, a carbohydrate can also do. The Hempest converted it’s fleet of vans to run on vegetable oil instead of diesel because we can’t help save the planet and support exxon mobil at the same time. All diesel engines can run on vegetable oil the way all gas engines can run on plant based ethanol, Rudolph Diesel invented the engine to run on peanut oil. But peanuts are not the best crop we could be growing for fuel, plastics, paper, medicine, food, etc., and neither is corn. 

Hemp was made illegal under the name of marijuana in 1937, the same year DuPont patented nylon and the chemically intensive wood pulp paper making process. Hemp was removed from the economy so that a petroleum and chemical based economy could benefit the few who controlled those resources. We have since succeeded in consolidating wealth and raising the temperature of the planet to record levels. Our collective future depends on our collective action and our inner heroes need to come out now if we are to have a chance. Switch to solar now. Switch to an electric car. Switch to hemp. Switch to organic. Every action needs to take our climate into consideration.
If we are to slay big oil, big chemical, big pharma, big ag, big banks, etc. then we have to stop supporting them. We see that in states where cannabis is legal for medical use that doctors write fewer prescriptions for pharmaceuticals, especially opiates. But big pharma wants to keep us addicted to opiates. Big oil wants us addicted to fossil fuels. Big ag wants us addicted to GMO’s and pesticides. Our corporate controlled government and media will continue to serve these powerful industries with their laws and propaganda. Only you can break yourself free from their grip.
Hemp will help us slay our addictions. Cannabis will help transition us towards a new, green, decentralized economy but only if we support it. So be one of the heroes, support hemp and not the climate destroyers. Help starve the global corporate beast by creating a new world and a new reality for future generations. Become a green consumer.

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