Hoodlamb Hemp Tailors

Posted by Mitch Rosenfield on 5th Nov 2016

   The Hempest is proud to showcase one our best selling brands of Hemp Jackets and accessories from Hoodlamb Tailors. We started our partnership with Hoodlamb back in 2003 and were an integ … read more
Hemp in China

Hemp in China

Posted by Mitch Rosenfield on 23rd Oct 2016

The history of Hemp in China is a long and colorful one dating back thousands of years. The Chinese character for Hemp is one of the oldest in it's written language. The same character means Earth, … read more
The Cannabis Election

The Cannabis Election

Posted by Jon Napoli on 20th Oct 2016

On November 8 five states will vote to end the prohibition of cannabis use for adults and four more will vote on allowing medical use of cannabis for patients. After a majority of these pass, h … read more
Hemp Fabric Through History

Hemp Fabric Through History

Posted by Jon Napoli on 5th Oct 2016

The oldest known artifact of human industry is a piece of hemp fabric from Mesopotamia that dates back to 6000 BC. The word canvas comes from the word cannabis. Hemp was probably the first plant to … read more

Who Are The Heroes?

Posted by Jon Napoli on 26th Sep 2016

Who is going to save this planet? You are. But we can’t save the planet while continuing to consume the way we consume. It’s the people and companies that break free from fossil fuels, from petrole … read more

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